Case Histories

A Tulsa Total Home Remodel

Harter’s Second Addition

This 1951 traditional two story, six room home had been remodeled three times by previous owners in its 57-year life, creating a two story, seven room house with a hodgepodge of rooms that were lacking in both the functionality and amenities desired by our client.

A Tulsa Kitchen Remodel
Braeswood Addition


The wall separating the kitchen from the center hallway was removed to both eliminate the sense of isolation and to create a multi-functional space in the kitchen. What was formerly a hallway, became part of the kitchen and the kitchen effectively became linked to the bar and great room. The kitchen had, at this stage started to assume the family friendly space that the homeowners desired. Next, the floor tile, kitchen cabinets, appliances and wall coverings were removed exposing the basic framing.

"From the early planning stage through final execution and completion, you, your employees and subcontractors truly transformed our vague vision into a beautiful and functional home."

- Gerry and Betsy

The Super Kitchen Remodel

South Tulsa


The objective of the remodel was to create a continuous floor plan, starting in the front entry foyer that was designed for improved movement and flow.  A shared multi functional space that would connect friends, family, activities and guests and, do it in harmonious style.  With their requests, our clients were defining a need for and subsequently creating an area that today has become known as the Super Kitchen.

A Kitchen & Master Bath Remodel

Wexford Addition in South Tulsa


They interviewed several design build firms, but remained apprehensive about undertaking a total first level remodel until they saw a remodel that we had completed in their neighborhood. Speaking with the Owners they became excited about taking on the challenge and subsequently contracted with us for a total first level design build project.

A Midtown Tulsa

Outdoor Kitchen Remodel

Patrick Henry Addition


The Buckingham Group had recently completed both a master bathroom and guest bathroom remodel for our client. We were in the design stages of a kitchen remodel, which was to be the second phase of a planned multiphase total home renovation. The new year had just begun, a new swimming pool was under construction in the back yard when we received a phone call.

A Tulsa Total Home Remodel

Harter’s Second Addition


For over a year, they had gone through the normal and frustrating process of looking for a home that would accommodate their vision. After inspecting a variety of homes and the options they presented, our clients came to the conclusion that they would remodel their existing home. Initial factors influencing the decision were the home’s prime location and its proximity to their places of employment. Pushing the decision over-the-top was the unique and irreplaceable topography of their heavily wooded rear yard...

South Tulsa Exterior Remodel

Wexford Addition


Our client, like most of us, had focused their attention for upgrading and home remodeling on its interior. Over a series of several years, their design daydreams had stimulated and provided the impetus for contracting for a new kitchen, powder room and master bathroom. Complementing these major projects were new furniture and paint throughout.