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Every cool kitchen starts with a thoughtfully conceived plan. The Remodeling Road Map series has been designed to jump start your planning process with fun and easy-to-use tools. Discover ways to codify your vision, get in touch with your natural design preferences, establish functional requirements, and lots more. A must read.


If you are considering the possibilities for a cool kitchen renovation, start here with the Essential Kitchen Planner.

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The master bath, dressing areas and storage spaces afford seemingly endless opportunities to create private and distinctively personalized spaces. Everything in harmony. Just the way you like it. So, if you wish to explore the possibilities for a harmonious master bathing experience, start here with the Essential Bathroom Planner.


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"Coming attractions" for your family and guests might include a media room, an outdoor kitchen or possibly a pool or sauna.


When you set aside time to spend with family and friends, you want to get the most out of every minute. That said, entertainment areas call for careful design and architectural planning with built-in flexibility for future needs.


We invite you to visit some entertainment solutions that we feel deserve "top billing."

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"Your planning was meticulous and ultimately resulted in a kitchen that was exactly what we envisioned."

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"Ed Kaplan's Buckingham Group is the most professional remodeling firm I have dealt with in my thirty-three years in the home improvement industry."

- Scott Burnett, Owner, Burnett, Inc.

"We would assuredly use you again for any future remodel project."


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